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Glutton For Punishment

There are times when I start drafting a blog post and want to just hit the delete button. I used to enjoy writing in WordPress before so many changes (aka block format). I’d actually give more time to my blog, sometimes resulting in longer pieces sharing more of my life and personal thoughts, as well as inspirational text. Now, in addition to figuring how best to phrase my words in a given post, I cuss from the frustration of having to choose effective formatting. Thankfully I don’t publish all the words that go into me creating a post! Were these changes made to better accommodate human input or that of some automated marketing process utilized by big companies and “power” bloggers? My brain is tired and this battle between WP and me may soon need a referee.

Even though it sounds like I’ve reached the end of the road with WP, I’m sure I’ll be back tomorrow. Ugh!

©️2021 CSNelson, Don’t Forget the Half

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Nevertheless, She Persisted

Show appreciation for

the lives of those with

inherent strength,

conceived in the most powerless days

of their ancestors;

innate courage,

to progress despite the will

of their oppressors;

survival instincts,

overcoming systemic barriers

to their advancement;

and the burden

to better the world,

for future generations.

©️2021 CSNelson, Don’t Forget the Half

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Poor Gigi!

Gigi assembled her planners, calendars, pens, pouches and post-its before her on the desk and stood over them like a general surveying maps. Gigi was a creature of habit and to her, even the slightest change in routine was frightening so she came up with a strategy to cope with her new normal of working remotely.

Views on working from home are subjective and for Gigi it was not an easy condition to accept; however, heightened COVID concerns, a daily death toll rise and a virus creating more questions than answers prompted an unavoidable governmental shutdown, causing most companies to send their employees home. Tomorrow was Gigi’s first work day outside the office and she needed to check to make sure everything was in place. She setup her workspace, laid out her clothes and packed herself a lunch for the day. She’d even decided to change the color tone of her new home office to one comparable to the workplace. This may all sound like pure comedy but it was Gigi’s disturbing reality.

When morning came Gigi awakened to a pretty bad snow storm. She proceeded with her usual routine – took a shower, combed her hair, got dressed, cooked breakfast and enjoyed a few minutes of calm before starting her work day. Ten minutes later Gigi sat at her beautiful nut-brown desk to turn on her computer and suddenly the lights went out. The storm had caused a power outage expected to last 24-48 hours. All of Gigi’s careful preparation to pull things together became moot at that moment, as things very quickly fell apart.

©️2021 CSNelson, Don’t Forget the Half

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Writer’s Block

Sitting here staring at the clock

Struggling to find motivation

Spark creative inspiration

Distressed by a mental gridlock

Miffed by a continuous knock

Countless distractions, drifting mind

Cohesive thoughts so hard to find

Lately it’s not going so well

Can’t concoct a story to tell

Writer’s block can be so unkind

©️2020 CSNelson, Don’t Forget the Half

Inspired by: Ronovan Writes Décima Poetry Challenge (knock on A line); Three Things Challenge/3TC (thrust, drift, mind);

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Didactic Poetry: Escape Room

Mariner of the Seas – Escape Room

To escape the room

In record time

Follow these steps

And you’ll do fine


Be ingenious

Prepare your route

Figure what’s the best way out


Move rapidly

Make your attack

Advance with every code you crack


Obey rules

Don’t cause trouble

Contribute or your team will struggle


Don’t despair

And never snooze

Open the door before you lose

©️2020 CSNelson, Don’t Forget the Half

(images may not be altered or used without expressed consent of, and credit given to, their owner)

Inspired by: Your Daily Prompt (rapid); Three Things Challenge/3TC#442 (prepare, trouble, rules); Word of the Day/WOTD (desperation); Fandango’s One Word Challenge/FOWC (ingenious); The Daily Spur (figure)