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Those Were The Good Old Days

Children used to become so enthusiastic near the end of the school year, knowing summer break was right around the corner. It meant no more classroom lessons on the blackboard or making silly posters to accompany their book reports. Also, most kids knew it was hard for their parents to deny sleepovers during the break, even on a “school night.” Summer was prime time for kids to have company over to play in the house or run around the hot outdoors, and to wake up bright and early Saturday morning to sing that never-ending song with Lamb Chop. Those were the halcyon days for children but COVID has changed all that. Now, many schoolmates only see each other on Zoom and they’re not even allowed to have friends over, which probably has most of them excited about the prospect of returning to school.

©️2021 CSNelson, Don’t Forget the Half


You know, writing about myself has always been a challenge. It's not that I'm unsure of who I am but rather I like people to discover me on their own. I will tell you this much - I'M REAL! I guess that's all you need to know for a first approach; stick around and you'll understand the power behind that statement. What I do is another story! I embrace life hoping to live my purpose as a mother, daughter, sister, confidante and friend; I laugh, cry, and support; I admire, like and love; I listen, read and write. Most importantly, I have faith and thank God for all of me. My intent is to inspire others using my gifts and "Don't Forget the Half" reminds me to cast nothing aside. Want to know more? Discover along with me as I live my life out loud.

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