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The After Party

After the fiasco at homecoming, the principal declared a moratorium on huge parties on campus. To make matters worse, he downgraded senior class prom to the school gymnasium, with a meagre menu of pizza and chocolate chip cookies. After slumbering there, the students met up for an after party bash.

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My Grandmother (Haiku)

thoughts of you always

slip into my mind, precious

time, just you and me

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My Grandmother (Décima)

She was feisty, spirit so rare

Time in my life was a blessing,

Her honesty was refreshing,

Love and care she showed was sincere.

Enjoyed hearing stories she’d share

Joined at the hip, me her and mom,

They brought me peace and kept me calm

When monsters plagued my bedtime thoughts

Or my stomach was tied in knots,

©️2021 CSNelson, Don’t Forget the Half

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Those Were The Good Old Days

Children used to become so enthusiastic near the end of the school year knowing summer break was right around the corner. It meant no more classroom lessons on the black board or making silly posters to accompany their book reports. Also, most kids knew it was hard for their parents to find a reason to deny sleepovers during break, even on a “school night.” Summer was prime time for kids to have company over to play in the house or run around the hot outdoors, and to wake up bright and early Saturday morning to sing that never-ending song with Lamb Chop. Those were the halcyon days for children but COVID has changed all that. Now many school mates only see each other on Zoom and they’re not even allowed to have friends over, which probably has most of them excited about the prospect of returning to school.

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Teenagers, right!?!?!

My search for posts from the 26th of yesteryear brought me back here for Fandango’s Flashback Friday.

Photo by Jay Mantri @ “Mom, have you seen my uniform?” His room showed all the signs of a teenager derelict in his chores – messy bed, …

Teenagers, right!?!?!

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