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In a Frenzy

If the excitement of a mid-day or after dinner snack hasn’t made you sing, clearly you’ve never been properly treated!

Yesterday I made the mistake of going food shopping on an empty stomach, and my plan to purchase just two small bags of groceries turned into a cart full. At one point I found myself surrounded by all types of desserts, including some of the modern classics like apple pie and chocolate cake, and somehow I managed to walk away with only this vegan, fat free, low-calorie trifecta of juicy fruit goodness.

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What Say Ye?

I’m sharing this to hopefully get your feedback on a few things. Who reading this appreciates fruit cake? AND, What’s your favorite candy bar? It’s hard to believe I’m as strange as I’ve been made to feel and I’m looking for support from a few food allies. I’ll be pretty disappointed to find my blog family feels the same about unique palate as my Facebook family. Read further for the backstory.

One of my Facebook connects periodically posts surveys to gauge who likes this or that. It all started years ago when he was totally amazed there are people like myself who like — dear I say love — fruit cake. Although I find it fine to enjoy a little fruit cake now and again, evidently admitting so on the socials was not my brightest idea lol. Don’t think I’ll ever live that down but I’ll still enjoy my fruit cake.

One of his more recent surveys was about different candy bars. He didn’t leave it open ended so I’m sure he was seeking a target audience of people who enjoy a certain treat. Well, once again I was in the minority being a big fan of Baby Ruth. Yep, that’s one of my favorites, along with Butterfingers, which seemed acceptable. Go figure!

Next time I’m keeping my Grade A food choices to myself because [in the words of Tabitha Brown] that’s my business! Wonder what it says about me that I grew up actually requesting liver for dinner.

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Baked Mac & Cheese

Today’s JusJoJan makes me think of the delicious baked macaroni and cheese I made Christmas Day. Every year I like to use a different selection of cheese and my son always declares, “this one was your best, mom!”

My selection this holiday was:

  • Extra Sharp Wisconsin Cheddar
  • Parmesan
  • Asiago
  • Romano
  • Feta

Though I was tempted to make another one just to show you all (that would’ve been my excuse), I decided to instead find a picture that looks damn close. Now that’s willpower!

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