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“Actively Seeking”

Today I worked on another stressful task, unsure how I’d feel in the end but knowing I had to get through it. I’m not going to give much of my personal opinion on the matter except to say resume writing is exhausting! What Joe Schmoe made this a regular thing?!?! I’ve written obituaries — educating myself and curating stories to share the meaning to the 75+ years of someone else’s life — in less time than it takes me to summarize my own relatively short career. This is yet another thing I make harder on myself by further revising the document after declaring I’m done, always thinking of a better word or alternate way of expressing the same thing, and striving for perfection that’s never been defined. At least I’m no longer using pencil and paper, which was my preference for a long time. So many writing skills have deteriorated and been replaced with ever-evolving technology and I have to admit, the computer is a lifesaver.

I felt completely overwhelmed in the beginning and I won’t be stress-free until I gain employment but at this moment, I’m somewhat relieved…and still actively seeking!

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The Joys of Being Still

It feels so good to be back with my blog community! But I must say, taking the break I did was much needed. I think “overdue” is a more accurate term. It’s a hard adjustment and one I always claim to be managing well, but I’m learning a few lessons about being still when my body says so. I tend to regularly operate without an adequate amount of quality sleep, but depriving the mind and body of ample rest and relaxation can present symptoms no one should ignore. I’ve enjoyed traveling and everything else I’ve done this year, but I think I’m going to slow it down for at least the next month or so and enjoy some less stressful activities, like visiting museums, theaters, and sports venues. Hopefully the Spring weather will finally catch up with its season so I can simply bask in the beautiful sunshine at the beach.

This week I tried a little something new. I know I’m late partaking in these popular events but hey – better late than never! It was the perfect therapeutic exercise and something I had no idea I’d enjoy so much. If you have an appreciation for art, paint & sip type events are the way to go. It’s a simple concept – you paint while sipping your drink of choice. I attended one with an instructor that was so encouraging, supportive, and such a blast to be around I felt completely inspired. Not only did I enjoy myself, but I’ve become so interested in painting techniques I may just find a class or someplace where I can learn more about the fine art of canvas painting. I’ve invested in so many other artists’ work over the years, why not invest in my own instead! Who knows, I could be so lucky as to have my series in a Royal Palace. LOL

I trust you all to not be too brutal, so kindly share your thoughts on my first piece.

Original painting by Celeste S. Nelson

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Honoring Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

I don’t think I could pick a favorite sermon or speech of the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., though “I Have a Dream” is by far my most read. I do, however, have my top list of his most famous quotes. Among them is “The time is always right to do what is right.” I wish I could plaster these words everywhere, in an attempt to get all people to adopt and live by this philosophy. Believing and living by this standard, without exception, could possibly lead to the world witnessing much of MLK’s dream come to pass as a result.

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The Road to Success

Ambition….sends you on a mission.


Motivation….fuels the ride.


Determinationkeeps you moving forward.


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Happy New Day!

I suggest in 2019 we forget about resolution(s) for the new year and focus on the goals for each new day instead. I mean why not? We put so much pressure on ourselves to think of some aspect of our life to change for the upcoming year, ignoring the fact that every day is a new beginning and a new opportunity for change. Matter of fact, why wait until a new year to become the better person you desire to be if making the change today could benefit you now? Makes sense to me!

I am amongst those who forced myself to come up with some impressive New Year’s resolution every year just because….well, it was tradition. It was also crazy because I had already made changes throughout the year based on how I wanted to improve my life at the time, so then I’d spend days or weeks trying to come up with some grand personal reboot for the new year; something it may take me beyond a year to accomplish, like losing 30 pounds. If my weight is something I battle with or poses a health risk it requires my immediate attention, right?

Last year I talked about a New Year’s resolution stemming from a conversation with my best friend, during which I continued to overthink things as usual. Now this was no sudden discovery to me; I always knew I was an overthinker because of my need to control situations in my life. After our conversation I declared to resolve that behavior and concentrate on prayer above overthinking. Now notice I said, ‘I always knew I was an overthinker.’ So why was this expressed as some revelation of the day just to have a New Year’s resolution?

Prayer has been my go-to ever since I matured in my faith. That wasn’t the real problem and in hindsight shouldn’t have been my resolution. Oh no! The fundamental issue was my need for control, and most times the things I was attempting to think of ways to control were not within my circle of influence. Now can I change such behavior in a year’s time? Probably not. It certainly won’t be resolved in 2018 but progress began well before the start of this year and will continue in my days to come.

There’s nothing wrong with setting and working towards goals and I understand New Year’s resolutions may help some people attain their goals. The problem usually comes when half the year is gone by and there’s no improvement. Then soon we’re embarking on another new year and new sets of resolutions, upset with ourselves for not accomplishing the old ones before year end. Maybe, just maybe you were trying to improve several years’ worth of change in only 365 days. Often times New Year’s resolutions are so unrealistic a person doesn’t recognize their progress but rather declares what they “failed” to achieve.

I’ve set a goal to travel more, not necessarily in 2019 but in my remaining lifetime. I’ve already begun setting aside funds to make that happen. I actually do have a goal to eat healthier and lose weight, but my new eating habits are already underway. I just removed the added pressure of associating either of these changes with the new year but rather simple goals I wish to accomplish for myself. In both cases I can already see progress now, which is far better than waiting until next year to get started.

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