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Uneventful Vacation

When we arrived at the vacation house we were shocked to see white leather sofas and curtains made of lace. The home was in pristine condition! We knew that wasn’t sustainable, with our family having children of varying ages running around. Unfortunately, the tiny backyard had no room for a bounce house. There was a beach nearby but as our luck would have it, there were sharks in the water. I thought being there would spark creativity for my blog but I was overcome by dysania every morning.

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Her Courage Matters (Décima)

Family doomed right from the start

Plain and simple, Dad likes to roam

Pain he causes pervades the home

And Mom contains her broken heart

Safety denied, she plays it smart

Tried to escape his angry scorn

Long before a third child was born

But now the coast and skies are clear

With turbo speed, they flee in fear

Reaching the runway plane next morn

Not every woman’s story can be told, so for this day in Women’s History Month I’m recognizing those whose plight remains unknown but their strength and courage is empowering.

©️2021 CSNelson, Don’t Forget the Half

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Slow Down, Dave!

photo by Miles Loewen via Unsplash

Dave is usually assiduous when it comes to the new car he got for his birthday but his behavior today was so undignified, loudly bragging about the vehicle’s horsepower and how fast he drives to work. He must’ve forgotten about the icy roads when he drove off at such ridiculously high speeds and slid across the road. It looked bad from my point of view and I’ll confer with him tomorrow but hopefully the trauma of spinning out is enough to slow him down from now on.

©️2021 CSNelson, Don’t Forget the Half

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The Science Fair

When it was Dennis’ turn to present his science project, the teacher’s reaction was underwhelming. There were a great variable of projects in the classroom and on the surface, his papier-mâché volcano was no big thrill. The teacher scowled and said, “Surely you’re capable of doing better than this!” Dennis immediately cringed as the other kids began laughing at him. At that moment he wished he could become invisible. The teacher’s foible of being mean to students clearly had gone too far this time. Straining to see through his tears, Dennis slowly returned to his seat, while the children continued to poke fun at him.

When class was dismissed Dennis stayed behind, standing right outside the classroom door as his teacher closely examined the kid’s science projects one last time. And that’s when it happened! Dennis pressed the detonator button on a tiny remote and his volcano erupted, spewing “lava” all over the teacher’s beautiful flower patterned dress.

©️2021 CSNelson, Don’t Forget the Half

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Payback is a (You Know What)

The police are questioning every employee hoping at least one of them can share details about the bank robbery. Meanwhile, forensic experts are combing the property for any criminal evidence that may help them identify the perpetrators but no matter how sanguine the investigators appear, it doesn’t look promising. The bank manager is a pompous jerk so it really could’ve been any of the many customers or former employees he’s offended. Right now he’s sitting in his office looking stoic but everyone knows he’s scared. He must be trying to figure out how to spin this to the execs, who were standing about a yard from his office door. It’s funny to watch him cower at the mere sight of them. For ten years it’s been my dream to watch him get fired for his incompetence and today my wait may be over. My plan is working like a charm!

©️2021 CSNelson, Don’t Forget the Half