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The After Party

After the fiasco at homecoming, the principal declared a moratorium on huge parties on campus. To make matters worse, he downgraded senior class prom to the school gymnasium, with a meagre menu of pizza and chocolate chip cookies. After slumbering there, the students met up for an after party bash.

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Those Were The Good Old Days

Children used to become so enthusiastic near the end of the school year knowing summer break was right around the corner. It meant no more classroom lessons on the black board or making silly posters to accompany their book reports. Also, most kids knew it was hard for their parents to find a reason to deny sleepovers during break, even on a “school night.” Summer was prime time for kids to have company over to play in the house or run around the hot outdoors, and to wake up bright and early Saturday morning to sing that never-ending song with Lamb Chop. Those were the halcyon days for children but COVID has changed all that. Now many school mates only see each other on Zoom and they’re not even allowed to have friends over, which probably has most of them excited about the prospect of returning to school.

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House Party

Henry and his wife Ann just moved to the area about a month ago, so they were delightfully surprised to receive their first party invitation. Ann started feeling nervous as Henry read the particulars, realizing the party was in two days. She immediately shouted “What am I going to wear?” and suggested they buy new outfits. Henry quickly rebuffed that idea, reminding Ann of her custom-built closet full of clothes.

The day had come and Ann was excited to finally have someplace to wear her cute little black dress and pink shoes. As she applied makeup and curled her hair, Henry sat in his slacks and polo shirt watching the game and enjoying the breeze from their oscillating fan.

As soon as they arrived to the party Ann was confused by the guests attire. The men were in double-breasted suits standing beside their wives, who wore elegant fitted dresses. The hosts approached, visibly disappointed and asked, “Did you not understand the theme “Vanderbilt House Party?” Henry glanced at the invitation again and realized his oversight. “Oh, I thought that was your name, since the party is at your house,” he explained. Totally embarrassed by laughter in the background, Ann simply turned and walked out the door.

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Aromatherapy Lotions

Challenge from Mindlovemisery’s Menagerie: This week write your response to the word – Lotion. It may be relaxing, comforting, curative, a life saver, even magical – go where the prompt leads you.

Believe it or not, lotion can have a calming effect on the senses. I was a non-believer for most of my adult life, never desiring to purchase fragranced lotions, which often caused an adverse skin reaction. After learning my son suffered the same fate, I doubled-down on purchasing “free and clear” everything.

Thankfully my body has changed and lotions no longer cause any issues. Realizing that, I developed a guilty pleasure allowing me to enjoy a new scent every day, depending on my desired mood.

Aromatherapy fragrances at Bath & Body Works are easily my favorite and I’ve overindulged enough to earn lots of free product. An intervention may be necessary!

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Bravo, Queen!

My response to Wordless Wednesday inspired more that I couldn’t ignore. I wouldn’t rest knowing I simply posted a picture of Cicely Tyson without recognizing her beauty, tenacity, and brilliance.

Ms. Tyson was a woman extremely loved in a world of hateful people who tried to keep her from becoming her best self; a multi-award winning actress of great repute, overjoyed to witness the impact she had on the lives and careers of so many. She was widely criticized for her decision to don natural hair in films. Throughout her career, Ms. Tyson remained true to herself and persistent in her acceptance only of roles portraying positive black images. She deserved to be recognized, spoiled even, on the day she received the Presidential Medal of Freedom in 2016, and every day up to her departure from this planet. The deliciousness of an authentic life full of grace and favor was the only dish of revenge she served.

Cicely Tyson was the final side of my triangle of phenomenal woman that also included Maya Angelou and Nancy Wilson. It’s comforting to know they all received their flowers when the beauty of them could still be appreciated by all senses. Please enrich your life with the wisdom Cicely Tyson shared in her interview with Oprah Winfrey, recorded in 2012 but first aired on OWN on 2/06/2021.

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