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2021 Resolution Check-in

This post was inspired by The Daily Spur and MMA Storytime’s Word of the Day but I really am interested in how those new year’s resolution diets are working out. We’re now eight days in (US); any success or did it end one meal after it started?

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I’ve been doing pretty well, especially since the desserts were finished. I’m back to fish or chicken with veggies in place of the big plated dinners that threw me off-course over the holidays. I am going to buy some of those plant-based “meats” my son introduced. The meatballs and seitan were excellent but I still can’t wrap my mind around tofu.

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Renewal 2021

swaying pendulum

each ticktock brings a future

bound for renewal

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Inspired by Ronovan Writes Weekly Haiku Poetry Challenge (bound, sway); WOTD (renewal); MMA Storytime’s Word of the Day (future)

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2019 – The Next Chapter

Fandango’s Flashback Friday – Reblog from January 1, 2019. Thank God for every second, minute, hour, day and year and trust in Him always.

As another year brings new successes and failures, triumphs and challenges, peace and unrest, open and closed doors, hellos and goodbyes, highs and …

2019 – The Next Chapter

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Resolutions…yes or nah?

Keep It Alive’s Sunday Poser#6: Do you or do you not make New Year’s resolutions?

The image below sums up my thoughts on New Year’s resolutions but if you’re interested in my complete thoughts, visit my post from December 2018, Happy New Day! Events of this year have firmly reinforced my belief in the “now” because later may never come.

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Celebration of Life

Lynn and her brothers had thousands of miles between them. Although they spoke regularly, staying current on family, personal achievements, and daily life struggles, finding the time to visit with one another was difficult.

It had been at least 4 years since they’d seen each other last, when suddenly the death of their father brought them together. It was in the moment of saying their final goodbyes they realized things needed to change, so they committed to vacation together on the anniversary of their father’s death to simply celebrate life. They travelled in comfortable companionship, talking about their daily lives.

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