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In a Frenzy

If the excitement of a mid-day or after dinner snack hasn’t made you sing, clearly you’ve never been properly treated!

Yesterday I made the mistake of going food shopping on an empty stomach, and my plan to purchase just two small bags of groceries turned into a cart full. At one point I found myself surrounded by all types of desserts, including some of the modern classics like apple pie and chocolate cake, and somehow I managed to walk away with only this vegan, fat free, low-calorie trifecta of juicy fruit goodness.

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Nevertheless, She Persisted

Show appreciation for

the lives of those with

inherent strength,

conceived in the most powerless days

of their ancestors;

innate courage,

to progress despite the will

of their oppressors;

survival instincts,

overcoming systemic barriers

to their advancement;

and the burden

to better the world,

for future generations.

©️2021 CSNelson, Don’t Forget the Half

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You’ve Been Warned

“When a woman laughs during an argument, please know the psycho part of her brain has been activated and you should abort mission.”

Someone said this one day and apparently it made an impression on me. Not sure where it originated and I wish I could take credit. Usually I’m the woman laughing!

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One Liner Wednesday- Palindrome 1/20/2021

“0” signifies infinite possibilities
“1” signifies new beginnings
“2” signifies balance

As the United States transitions to what we all hope is a new period of peace, history was made once again upon the swearing in of Kamala Harris as the first woman and African/Asian-American Vice President, making this day unique in yet another way.

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We’re Fighting Ourselves

Written for One Liner Wednesday/JusJoJan.

“Right now there are more troops in DC than there are in Afghanistan.”

John King
CNN Chief National Correspondent
January 13, 2020
http://20,000 National Guard troops expected in Washington for Biden’s inauguration

The United States of America now has its first President ever to be impeached twice. Those are not bragging rights!

We’re well beyond conflicting party lines, who you voted for and the question of who’s right and who’s wrong. NO American should be proud of where we are right now nor this country’s hundreds of years of immorality and corruption leading up to in this moment. To have only ten (10) Republicans speak out in support of a second impeachment is mind blowing.

Perspective: 197 lawmakers find no fault in the President’s actions or evidence he contributed to an insurrection that resulted in the death of five (5) civilians/law enforcement officers.

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