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Meme Granny

Thanks to Fandango for giving a challenge word that’s sure to lighten the mood. Here are several memes I hope bring you a good laugh.

One day I was chatting on FaceTime with my dear uncle, to walk him through setting up for our family Zoom calls. The previous week he had issues with both his laptop and desktop and ended up having to use one for audio and the other for video. Anyway, I created a test meeting and told him I’d sent the email invite. He was thrown off a bit and questioned how I did that because he hadn’t yet given me his email. I recited the email used and he said, “Oh, that’s my desktop email. Let me give you the one for my laptop.” 😂 Months later I saw the preview of Call Your Mother, in which she says something very similar, and I cried laughing again. The writers must have tech-savvy uncles too.

Another one reminding me of my uncle because of his many strategies to defeat hackers and identity thieves, which I understand are real but his gripes were not that at all.

This one is just funny and definitely has nothing to do with my uncle, though it may have relaxed his thinking some.

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