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One Liner Wednesday – Welp!

You are never too old to change your mind, adjust your attitude, or decide to just say “f**k it.”

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The Science Fair

When it was Dennis’ turn to present his science project, the teacher’s reaction was underwhelming. There were a great variable of projects in the classroom and on the surface, his papier-mâché volcano was no big thrill. The teacher scowled and said, “Surely you’re capable of doing better than this!” Dennis immediately cringed as the other kids began laughing at him. At that moment he wished he could become invisible. The teacher’s foible of being mean to students clearly had gone too far this time. Straining to see through his tears, Dennis slowly returned to his seat, while the children continued to poke fun at him.

When class was dismissed Dennis stayed behind, standing right outside the classroom door as his teacher closely examined the kid’s science projects one last time. And that’s when it happened! Dennis pressed the detonator button on a tiny remote and his volcano erupted, spewing “lava” all over the teacher’s beautiful flower patterned dress.

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This Is It! (3.5.19)

It’s not every week I have something old from the same date to share for Fandango’s Flashback Friday but when I do…..😊

Photo by Johnathan Basquez at Anna quickly realized she’d fallen victim to another bad date. There she stood near an excited Sam as he …

This Is It!

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Pick Your Poison…

…either way, you’ll be out like a light at midnight.

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Did He Call?

“No, he hasn’t called met. Maybe he’s just not interested. It’s cool, I didn’t really like him that much anyway so, whatever. He was so….oh, hold on, got another call…..OMG, it’s him, IT’S HIM!!! Should I answer?…K bye!”

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