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Office Prank (fictional)

Beth was new on the job and wasn’t aware the boss loved to prank the team on Halloween, just to see the fright in their face. When she arrived in the morning and opened her office door, all Beth saw was a leprechaun jumping out at her. The entire team witnessed her skillful defense techniques as she swung hard and fast, delivering a string of punches to her boss’s face. Upon seeing his black eye I tried to refrain from laughter but found myself in tears, letting out a big snort at the end. Beth couldn’t sleep for days, haunted by the green image. The next day her boss tried to vilify her in the office, causing Beth to fear losing her job. Her marriage was already falling apart and now this. Three days later there was a new development that our boss was fired. Felt like we’d all found a pot of gold!

©️2021 CSNelson, Don’t Forget the Half

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Poor Gigi!

Gigi assembled her planners, calendars, pens, pouches and post-its before her on the desk and stood over them like a general surveying maps. Gigi was a creature of habit and to her, even the slightest change in routine was frightening so she came up with a strategy to cope with her new normal of working remotely.

Views on working from home are subjective and for Gigi it was not an easy condition to accept; however, heightened COVID concerns, a daily death toll rise and a virus creating more questions than answers prompted an unavoidable governmental shutdown, causing most companies to send their employees home. Tomorrow was Gigi’s first work day outside the office and she needed to check to make sure everything was in place. She setup her workspace, laid out her clothes and packed herself a lunch for the day. She’d even decided to change the color tone of her new home office to one comparable to the workplace. This may all sound like pure comedy but it was Gigi’s disturbing reality.

When morning came Gigi awakened to a pretty bad snow storm. She proceeded with her usual routine – took a shower, combed her hair, got dressed, cooked breakfast and enjoyed a few minutes of calm before starting her work day. Ten minutes later Gigi sat at her beautiful nut-brown desk to turn on her computer and suddenly the lights went out. The storm had caused a power outage expected to last 24-48 hours. All of Gigi’s careful preparation to pull things together became moot at that moment, as things very quickly fell apart.

©️2021 CSNelson, Don’t Forget the Half

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Dirty Diana

Diana was a ravishing new young superstar! Whithersoever she traveled, Diana captivated audiences with her grace and unrivaled flair for fashion. She quickly became one of the top requested celebrities to don an original piece of every high-end designer, a fringe benefit of having an hourglass figure. But what was seen as a thing of beauty to her fans was an arduous burden to Diana. Her poise and sophistication of today often became her pain and destruction of tomorrow, which Diana consoled with her biggest secret and greatest weakness – SEX!

Diana lived a salacious double life hidden from public view. She was thoughtful to plan well, always sneaking out a back door to journey to her rendezvous spot, so neither family nor friends would discover her illicit activity. Last Friday night was very different and forever changed Diana’s life.

Photo by Nina Hill (ninainnature) Photo provided by Unsplash

As she sashayed across the floor, Diana was oblivious to the paparazzi, who’d been covertly following her throughout the night. When she slipped out the back door they were right behind her, cameras ready. She thought she’d heard footsteps but took little time to investigate. The next day, Diana awoke to someone banging on her door and nonstop cell phone notifications alerting her of the top news story. Her indiscretions had been laid out in every newspaper centerfold, titled “Dirty Diana.”

©️2021 CSNelson, Don’t Forget the Half

Created for Fandango’s One Word Prompt (ravishing); Ragtag Daily Prompt (fringe); Three Things Challenge (tomorrow, weak, thoughtful); The Daily Spur Photo Prompt and daily word (designer).