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You Got This!

Your toughest days either make you strong or prove you already were.

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“Izzy Busy Bee”

Sheila C. Morgan, Author

If you have a little one in your life, they may enjoy the children’s book “Izzy Busy Bee,” the short story of a child transformed into a place where she creates adventure, while sharing the story of who creates all life. At night Izzy’s thoughts turn into a dream, where she becomes a helpful leader in the world of bees. While Izzy has a colorful and fun time with friends, she inspires the other children in her dream to also think about how big all creation is and the great significance of a tiny bee.

With “Izzy Busy Bee,” Author Sheila C. Morgan desires to reach children in their early developmental years in hopes they may experience the awareness of God. Her work was inspired by her career and ministry. All of her books were published by Xulon Press and can be purchased from Amazon (link in caption above). While you’re there, check out Sheila’s other two publications, “The Husband” and “Seasons Do Change: A Personal Journey of Hope Through Adversity.” Maybe they will spark your interest too!

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Something NOT News!

Original soundtrack album cover for
Motown Records’ film The Wiz

Today I decided to turn away from CNN and ended up immersed in an old movie classic. The 1978 production of the award-winning film The Wiz (Motown Records) is based on the story of The Wizard of Oz but features an all-black cast, a concept modeled after the original stage musical production of the same name. Included in the cast is the incomparable Diana Ross as Dorothy, Michael Jackson as the Scarecrow, Nipsey Russell as the Tin Man, Ted Ross as the cowardly Lion, Lena Horne as Glinda the Good Witch and Richard Pryor as the finagling Oz. It’s widely believed this was the comeuppance needed for the then 20 year old (& cute as a button) MJ. Having already been known as a musical artist and member of The Jackson 5, MJ’s role in The Wiz earned him many accolades and also introduced him to Quincy Jones, who’s credited for playing a huge roll in starting Jackson’s illustrious music career.

Watching The Wiz convinced me to download several of its soundtrack songs, which I further appreciate the significance of as an adult:

“You Can’t Win” speaks to how, even though there is nothing or no one of power holding them back, some people remain stagnant because others have influenced and conditioned them to believe they can’t make it. Those folks most likely are stuck in their own self-imposed limited world where misery loves company.
“You can’t win, you can’t break even and you can’t get out of the game”

“You Can’t Win” – The Wiz (1978)(

Then I found myself lost in “A Brand New Day,” a song of hope, joy and freedom, which, considering the all-black cast, had a more obvious and powerful backstory than where my mind wandered today. I began imagining a future when we are out from under this trouble we’re in with the pandemic and the political and social atrocities plaguing our world. Actually, that’s somewhat the same backstory!
“Everybody look up and feel the hope that we’ve been waiting for”

“A Brand New Day” – The Wiz (1978)

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The Joys of Being Still

Sorting through my old posts brought me back here (March 21, 2019) and it’s a pretty good fit for today’s Three Things Challenge.

This was written long ago when we could still socialize without fear of death from a virus or hostile takeover. Being in the doldrums shortly prior, it was difficult to feel inspired to do much of anything. Just after having emerged from a place of despair, some friends invited me to a paint & sip event that turned out to be so much of what I needed at the time; something enjoyable, not stressful.

It feels so good to be back with my blog community! But I must say, taking the break I did was much needed. I think “overdue” is a more accurate term…

The Joys of Being Still

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Three Line Tales

3LT – photo by Leyy via Unsplash

Biker 1: come on guys, we got this; almost there.

Biker 9: I’ll take a pic of you doing it but I’ll pass.

Biker 10: he’s somewhere searching for the road less traveled.

Be like Biker 10

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