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Payback is a (You Know What)

The police are questioning every employee hoping at least one of them can share details about the bank robbery. Meanwhile, forensic experts are combing the property for any criminal evidence that may help them identify the perpetrators but no matter how sanguine the investigators appear, it doesn’t look promising. The bank manager is a pompous jerk so it really could’ve been any of the many customers or former employees he’s offended. Right now he’s sitting in his office looking stoic but everyone knows he’s scared. He must be trying to figure out how to spin this to the execs, who were standing about a yard from his office door. It’s funny to watch him cower at the mere sight of them. For ten years it’s been my dream to watch him get fired for his incompetence and today my wait may be over. My plan is working like a charm!

©️2021 CSNelson, Don’t Forget the Half