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Papa Was Gangster

100 years old (pencil drawing of photo)

My family has been spending Zoom time together at least twice a month during the pandemic. Initially it proved difficult to organize a day convenient with everyone’s schedule but after just one call, we all welcomed such great family time with one another. It’s been amazing and has prompted sharing of stories that may have otherwise never been told. This past Sunday the younger generations were amused to hear a surprising tale about our great-grandfather, whose 102 years lived taught us all about the blessing of family.

My great grandfather was a very protective family man who truly commanded respect. He and my great grandmother were married over 60 years and I considered them the perfect picture of love. One holiday season they attended a Christmas celebration at their senior center and upon arrival things took an interesting turn. As they were walking towards the venue, three male party guests standing near the door commented on my great grandmother’s appearance saying something like “Now that’s a good looking woman!” Well my great grandfather, all 85 years of him, walked over to that man, took him by the arm and warned “If you ever disrespect my wife again I will kick your ass.” We were shocked and laughing for a good while when I blurted “Papa was gangster!”

I could actually write a book about my great grandfather and wish I’d been wise enough to record his personal stories, in his voice, to pass down my family line. He was always jovial and told stories of his life we all thought far-fetched yet entertaining. One of my most cherished photos is of my Papa at 101 years, holding and softly singing to my 2 month old son, keeping him totally captivated.

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Quarantine Crafting

So I decided to do a thing!

Back in the day I was so interested in crocheting, mostly because my grandmother taught me how when I was a little girl. My first real project started out with uncertainty and turned into this beautiful baby blanket, which I adorned with a cute fabric border upon completion. If I remember correctly, it took me about four months start to finish and in the end I appreciated every frustrating second I experienced along the way. Till this day I consider my son’s blanket extra special and it remains amongst several other keepsakes, like his “going home” outfit, with its matching hat and sweet little wrap shirt. (I even have the stump of his umbilical cord but didn’t want to freak anybody out lol).

For the past 25+ years I refused to crochet anything else because I felt it would lessen the sentimental nature of how and why this blanket came to be. Today I gave myself permission to crochet again, after unexpectedly coming across a few needles I thought I’d left in NY many years ago. It was serendipitous!!! Thankfully I was going out anyway so I stopped for yarn. Once again I don’t yet know what will come from my handiwork and honestly, I prefer to surprise myself. It could be propine for my neighbor’s generosity or just a little something for her kitties.

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Are We There Yet?

Beth stopped suddenly, encountering a wet part of the terrain; incessant rain flooded most of the path. Confusion fell upon her but Beth was committed to finishing the race, no matter how hard it got. The onus was on her to safely return campers to their cabin. Temporarily finding refuge under a canopy, she rested in preparation for the rest of their journey. After waiting awhile, the storm eased and the group found their way back to the campsite.

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50 New Experiences

With the help of family and several friends, I enjoyed so many wonderful adventures last year, in search of “50 new experiences” to explore during my year long birthday celebration. I visited places I’d never been, ate a few foods I’d never tasted and overcame a few fears of activities I’d normally run from. By years end, I accumulated roughly 70 new experiences, including a very unexpected one – cruising during Hurricane Dorian! I realize now there’s no wonder why I drank so much. Well, another reason is that I visited several vineyards and wineries (but sorry, no wassail)

First was the Biltmore Estate Winery in Asheville, NC. The wine tasting was great and served its purpose because I purchased three bottles.

Next was the tasting room at Brown Downtown Napa, part of Brown Estate Vineyards, the first and only Black-owned estate in Napa Valley, California. Yep, the wine tasting got me again!

The next stop on our Napa Valley tour was Raymond Vineyards, which is certified organic and biodynamic, and powered solely by renewable solar energy. I was oddly impressed when we stepped into the Crystal Cellar, a place of steel walls and elegant whimsicality.

Our final exploration in Cali was aboard the Napa Valley Wine Train, where we ate, drank and enjoyed the sights.

I would be remiss if I didn’t at least show you a sample of the delectable food we ate. Any one of my family and friends can attest to my voracious appetite, so most of this may have been mine.

And who could say “no” to the most exciting dessert ever?!?!!!

Morimoto Napa– s’more

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One Liner Wednesday

Sitting peacefully, just checking out the natural wonders of sunrise and sunset, before encountering an obstreperous crowd of island tourists.


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