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Blessing of 100 Years

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My Only Sunshine (Fiction)

They’d been dating since 2016 and their lustrum of love and affection had become all she thought about. It all started as a passionate idyll after Diane’s ugly divorce but she and Charlie had become the hottest couple in town. He’d always shown great concern for her welfare, making sure she felt loved, safe and secure. Valentine’s Day was here and Diane hoped this was the year Charlie would take her from being Miss to Mrs.

As they sat enjoying dinner, surrounded by five dozen roses and romantic music playing on the Echo Dot, Diane was trying hard to contain her nervous excitement. Both their hearts began beating fast as dessert arrived. It was Diane’s favorite white chocolate cake topped with a beautiful shiny gift box. Is this the moment she’s dreamed of? Is her fantasy becoming reality?

Diane was almost in shock as she smiled, laughed and cried a little opening her Valentine’s latest surprise. Suddenly the smile turned into a frown of disappointment seeing nothing but a diamond sunburst necklace. As she looked to Charlie with confusion, there he was down on one knee declaring Diane the light of his life; his ray of sunshine on a rainy day; a brilliant woman perfectly flawed, as he looked at her with an 18K white gold 5 Carat diamond ring in hand and asked, “Will you be my forever love?”

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Presidential Honor

Cicely Tyson receives Presidential Medal of Honor from Barack Obama in 2016

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Bravo, Queen!

Ms. Tyson was a woman extremely loved in a world of hateful people who tried to keep her from becoming her best self; a multi-award winning actress of great repute, overjoyed to witness the impact she had on the lives and careers of so many. She was widely criticized for her decision to don natural hair in films. Throughout her career, Ms. Tyson remained true to herself and persistent in her acceptance only of roles portraying positive black images. She deserved to be recognized, spoiled even, on the day she received the Presidential Medal of Freedom in 2016, and every day up to her departure from this planet. The deliciousness of an authentic life full of grace and favor was the only dish of revenge she served.

Cicely Tyson was the final side of my triangle of phenomenal woman that also included Maya Angelou and Nancy Wilson. It’s comforting to know they all received their flowers when the beauty of them could still be appreciated by all senses. Please enrich your life with the wisdom Cicely Tyson shared in her interview with Oprah Winfrey, recorded in 2012 but first aired on OWN on 2/06/2021.

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Nevertheless, She Persisted

Show appreciation for

the lives of those with

inherent strength,

conceived in the most powerless days

of their ancestors;

innate courage,

to progress despite the will

of their oppressors;

survival instincts,

overcoming systemic barriers

to their advancement;

and the burden

to better the world,

for future generations.

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