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Nevertheless, She Persisted

Show appreciation for

the lives of those with

inherent strength,

conceived in the most powerless days

of their ancestors;

innate courage,

to progress despite the will

of their oppressors;

survival instincts,

overcoming systemic barriers

to their advancement;

and the burden

to better the world,

for future generations.

©️2021 CSNelson, Don’t Forget the Half

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Eugene Goodman: Man of the Year

All back channels crystal clear

They sensed unrest in the air

Yet, still stood there ill-prepared

To seize mob in riot gear

One man wall of protection

Shuttered wild insurrection

Hatched a plan of deflection

Briefly led misdirection

Served without reservation

Forward, no hesitation

He deserves celebration

Medal and compensation

Eugene Goodman, US Capitol Police

Displayed unique wit and charm

Never used a firearm

Didn’t cause bodily harm

Acting Dep. Sergeant at Arms

Eugene Goodman is the US Capitol Police Officer who used quick thinking and fast action to divert the mob of insurrectionists away from Senate Chambers on January 6, 2021. Sergeant Goodman is a US Army Veteran who showed up for his usual day of work and encountered everything but the usual. His brave actions earned him Acting Deputy Sergeant at Arms and the honor of escorting Vice President Kamala Harris to her Inauguration on January 20, 2021.

©️2021 CSNelson, Don’t Forget the Half

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Back in the Day…

life was easy when…

boys and girls ran wildly, they

played hide and seek or

tossed balls in the street—now we

wish to find the energy

©️2021 CSNelson, Don’t Forget the Half

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Honoring Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, JR.

Shared for Fandango’s Flashback Friday, January 15, 2021.

Never will there be a time when this great man and his profound words are no longer relevant. Here’s a memory from January 15, 2018.

Happy Birthday Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

It’s great to study the words of a man so many admire, but it’s the actions of living out such text that brings about change. When you read the words…

Honoring Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, JR.

©️2021 CSNelson, Don’t Forget the Half

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Carpe Diem (Rispetto)

cold out, wind blowing, leaves dancing in the street

white snow, flakes drifting, new season coming in

rain drops, flowers blooming, roses smell so sweet

sun shines, kids playing, as longer days begin

hours lapse, day’s changing, teasing of tomorrow

look back, at your life, no regret, no sorrow

choose now, live instead, anything can happen

act like, life’s ending, do now what you would then

©️2021 CSNelson, Don’t Forget the Half

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