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Oldest and Youngest

This cherished photo is of my son at 2 months old, held by his great-great-grandfather on his 102 birthday. They represented our youngest and oldest family members at the time.

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Let Today Be The Day

Looking back thinking someone may need to receive this message today. Happy Monday!

– Arthur Ashe Start where you are… Whether it’s going back to school, launching the business you’ve always dreamed about, giving your life to God, or…

Let Today Be The Day

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Blessing of 100 Years

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Hot or Cold? Hmm…

Truthful Tuesday with PCGuyIV posed the question: Would you rather endure cold winter weather or hot summer weather?

Ying Yang image by Polinaraulina on Dreamstime

Cold winter weather seems to be my body’s fiercest enemy so I’d rather the heat of summertime. Growing up in New York I didn’t complain about neither because it just was what it was and there was no way around it. “Snow days” weren’t as quickly declared back then as they are now so I spent many a days trudging the streets in deep snow to get to either school or work in frigid temperatures. People always say “Oh, you’re from New York so you should be used to this,” but during the 15 years I lived in Florida, getting assimilated to the scorching hot temps was par for the course and now cold air hits me like a ton of bricks. The weather in my current hometown has much milder temperatures so neither the cold nor heat are too overbearing.

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Bravo, Queen!

Ms. Tyson was a woman extremely loved in a world of hateful people who tried to keep her from becoming her best self; a multi-award winning actress of great repute, overjoyed to witness the impact she had on the lives and careers of so many. She was widely criticized for her decision to don natural hair in films. Throughout her career, Ms. Tyson remained true to herself and persistent in her acceptance only of roles portraying positive black images. She deserved to be recognized, spoiled even, on the day she received the Presidential Medal of Freedom in 2016, and every day up to her departure from this planet. The deliciousness of an authentic life full of grace and favor was the only dish of revenge she served.

Cicely Tyson was the final side of my triangle of phenomenal woman that also included Maya Angelou and Nancy Wilson. It’s comforting to know they all received their flowers when the beauty of them could still be appreciated by all senses. Please enrich your life with the wisdom Cicely Tyson shared in her interview with Oprah Winfrey, recorded in 2012 but first aired on OWN on 2/06/2021.

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