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One-Liner Wednesday/Just Jot it January

“Did you guys lose this game or did the Jazz win this one?”


My son and I have gotten a lot of mileage out of this one, making it our response to one another at unexpected times. I completely understand what the sports reporter was trying to ask, it was just phrased in a bizarre manner….at the wrong time and… the wrong person – Russell Westbrook, an American professional basketball player. I chose not to share the video due to language but this frame shows Russell’s immediate reaction, which was followed by a pretty funny (yet inappropriate) response.

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One Shot

I lost money on a misplaced bet.

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Seriously, this is a thing! There are so many levels to forgetfulness and I’m not proud to say I’m working my way up.

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When you have a finite number of attempts to get it right, this is not the riddle you wish to entertain. Major cause of my anxiety!

Daily Word Prompt: Finite
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Today is a good day!


Woke up this morning, smile on my face
And I knew today would be a good day.
Pulled myself up, thought hmmm, what’s first?
A little prayer, yes, that’s what I’ll say.

My mind tried to fight me,
Thoughts raced thru my head,
At odds, sluggish and tired
Maybe I should go back to bed?

Pulled myself together
Ate well so it lasts
Stepped outside, sunshine
Saw a friend, had a blast.

Got in my car, drove to work
It’s payday and I’m inspired
Sudden boost of energy
Body no longer tired.

Folks complaining, whatever the reason
Most times there doesn’t have to be one
They came to me, started whining and nagging
Fight or flight, call it quits, it’s over, I’m done.

Now I’m writing just to clear my mind.
Staying peaceful takes will, patience and time
Write a new post for today’s word prompt?
You’re kidding, they really want me to rhyme!!!



Daily Word Prompt: Rhyme
©2017 CSNelson, dontforgetthehalf