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Respect and Love For My Elders

A few months ago one of our fellow bloggers provided a link to Love For Our Elders, a non-profit organization of volunteers who collect and deliver handcrafted letters and cards to the senior community. I loved their mission so much, I could hear this orotund voice in me saying “SIGN UP NOW!” and I quickly became a “Kindness Ambassador.” I’m so excited my first batch of cards are finally en route. Unfortunately, I only took one picture and it shows only a partial front view of one card and the ornate envelopes for the others.

It wasn’t looking too good for me in the beginning because my creative mind far exceeded my elementary artistic skills, but when it was all said and done I was pretty proud of myself. However, while working on my fourth card I began getting frustrated over a few failed drawings and decided to print out part of it. Hence the perfect sun, rainbow and trees. At least I was able to personalize it with beautiful yellow, powder blue and green colors and several unique butterflies.

This isn’t an attempt at penance for any past wrongdoing but hopefully I’ve earned a stamp in my passport to heaven. 😆

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Finding Something Forgotten

Oh how this pandemic has re-introduced me to things I’d forgotten I love so much! Something I used to enjoy during my free time was reading and I’d make time for myself almost every day to complete a chapter or two, at the least. However, over time life became so hectic the only thing I wanted to do during my down time was…well….nothing! But given how the pandemic put me in a state of flux for the past year—feeling like I was slowly losing all senses—it was important to find something entertaining to both occupy my time and strengthen my mind. Of course I turned to my Bible first to ease out of those gloomy days and remain hopeful. Perhaps I’m not alone in that pursuit, as it seems many have found their spiritual relationship strengthened since COVID.

Since I find self-help books quite valuable, I finally cracked the pages of T.D. Jakes’ Crushing: God Turns Pressure into Power and honestly felt like so many chapters were written for me. Knowing how much of a fan I am of TDJakes, a friend was thoughtful enough to get us tickets to hear him speak at a local University in 2019. We both walked out feeling the impact of the message and bought the book.

Next I picked up The Orphaned Adult: Understanding and Coping with Grief and Change After the Death of Our Parents by Alexander Levy. For anyone struggling to cope with grief, I strongly recommend you get a copy. It was vital in helping to identify my feelings and taught me how unhealthy it was to tiptoe around the roller coaster of emotions that became part of my normal life; I no longer felt alone in what I was experiencing and became more comfortable talking about things.

Then, during one of our family Zoom calls, my cousin and I decided to select a book to read together and we settled on The Beautiful Struggle by Ta-Nehisi Coates. It was about his growing up in Baltimore, Maryland, and the struggles he and his family endured and how they affected his youth. His writing style in this particular book took a little to get used to but I quickly got hooked and wanted to experience more of his work, so my next selections were The Water Dancer, set in the Southern United States during pre-Civil War, and We Were Eight Years in Power: An American Tragedy, which told of former President Barack Obama’s time in the White House. Now on deck is Barack Obama’s The Promised Land, Michelle Obama’s Becoming and Cicely Tyson’s memoirs Just as I Am.

In addition to reading on the regular, I also reunited with my crochet needle and picked up a few cross-stitch projects but not as much time has gone to either. I’ll keep you posted!

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Soccer Woes

Liverpool v. Manchester United

First thing I want to say is I LOVE SOCCER! My son played competitively during his youth and I’ve been a fan since he got started.

Watching the English Premier League has had me pissed off many of times. You have players who commit blatant fouls that aren’t called by the referee, although the smirk and gestures of the offending player show purposeful intent. Then there are those players who fall flat out on the pitch, kicking and screaming after the most delicate push, making it convincing enough for the referee to book the other player. The inconsistency in calls creates a good bit of tension amongst players and the remainder of the match looks like a hockey game. I bet if these guys were mic’d up we’d hear “Get stuffed!” most of the game.

This is just my untrained TV linesman analysis, which admittedly is a little bias at times but I don’t think too many fans would dissent from my assessment. Either way, I’ll be sitting snug on my sofa tomorrow watching the Liverpool v. Manchester United match.

Just a little Saturday silliness.

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Prompt Post Responses….read or nah?

Posed by Dr. Tanya at Blogging Insights re: Reading Prompt Posts


  1. Do you like reading posts written for prompts? If so, what kind?
  2. When you publish a piece in answer to a prompt, do you read entries by other bloggers? If so, do you read them before or after you have written your own?

Do you like reading posts written for prompts? If so, what kind ?

I genuinely enjoy reading posts written for prompts, especially those containing poetry because they teach me new and [most times] challenging forms. I wish I could read all of them but it’s difficult to find time to dedicate to doing so. Since I’m not very good at interpreting photo prompts, I just glance at those to get another blogger’s perspective, which I usually find interesting and something I wouldn’t have ever thought of myself.

When you publish a piece in answer to a prompt, do you read entries by other bloggers? If so, do you read them before or after you have written your own?

When I publish a blog in response to a prompt, I make certain to read other responses after I post. I like to keep my mind free to wander into it’s own creative land rather than be guided by someone else. The funny thing is, I’ll sometimes come across another’s blog post that is similar to mine and think “oh gosh, they’re going to think I copied their idea,” which often tempts me to change mine but there’s really no reason, since I know the thoughts I expressed were original to me when I wrote them.

The frustrating thing is, I read most posts on my mobile and this strange WordPress bug prevents me from registering a “Like” on some of them, so the blogger is unaware someone else found their work interesting. Times like now, when I’m able to login on my laptop, I revisit the original prompt page and like as many of those response posts as I can find.

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Even with the ease of shopping right at my fingertips, during this past holiday season, I was remiss in fulfilling my gift list.

Last year (I say that just for effect) I kept delaying the purchase of my son’s Christmas present because honestly, 1) I wasn’t quite sure the best option and 2) it was all too possible he may already have bought whatever he mentioned was of interest to him. I put way too much pressure on myself to choose wisely when I can rest assured he’ll always appreciate whatever I give him. My son was raised to understand a present of any kind is nothing to balk at, so he knows better than to sneer at a gift or its giver.

Anyway, while he was home my son and I talked much about President Obama and we also watched Michelle Obama’s Netflix special Becoming. He mentioned wanting to read both their latest works, along with that of his favorite soccer coach, Arsène Wenger. That bit of information helped me determine what to order, thankful for Amazon’s two-day delivery.

Since A Promised Land and Becoming are on my list of reads too, I was able to get a little treat for myself, as well. I need something riveting to keep my attention until I’m free to go galavanting through the city again.

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