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Baked Mac & Cheese

Today’s JusJoJan makes me think of the delicious baked macaroni and cheese I made Christmas Day. Every year I like to use a different selection of cheese and my son always declares, “this one was your best, mom!”

My selection this holiday was:

  • Extra Sharp Wisconsin Cheddar
  • Parmesan
  • Asiago
  • Romano
  • Feta

Though I was tempted to make another one just to show you all (that would’ve been my excuse), I decided to instead find a picture that looks damn close. Now that’s willpower!

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Even with the ease of shopping right at my fingertips, during this past holiday season, I was remiss in fulfilling my gift list.

Last year (I say that just for effect) I kept delaying the purchase of my son’s Christmas present because honestly, 1) I wasn’t quite sure the best option and 2) it was all too possible he may already have bought whatever he mentioned was of interest to him. I put way too much pressure on myself to choose wisely when I can rest assured he’ll always appreciate whatever I give him. My son was raised to understand a present of any kind is nothing to balk at, so he knows better than to sneer at a gift or its giver.

Anyway, while he was home my son and I talked much about President Obama and we also watched Michelle Obama’s Netflix special Becoming. He mentioned wanting to read both their latest works, along with that of his favorite soccer coach, Arsène Wenger. That bit of information helped me determine what to order, thankful for Amazon’s two-day delivery.

Since A Promised Land and Becoming are on my list of reads too, I was able to get a little treat for myself, as well. I need something riveting to keep my attention until I’m free to go galavanting through the city again.

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Written for: Your Daily Word Prompt (assured); 3TC (determine, sneer, treat); FOWC (remiss); RDP (galavant); JusJoJan (fingertips); Word of the Day (balk)

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Christmas Magic

This came to my mind as soon as I saw MMA Storytime’s Word of the Day – “Santa Claus” and I’m so glad I saved the meme to my phone. My mom and grandmother made the entire Christmas season seem magical for my brothers and me. Just like most kids, we tried to stay awake long enough to catch Santa Claus red-handed but failed every year. In the morning we’d awaken early and run downstairs with unrestrained jubilation, excited to see if Santa visited, then spend time opening our presents. Afterwards we would all spend quality time together at home before joining the rest of the family at my great-grandparent’s home.

When my son was a little boy I’d go to such extremes to maintain that same “Christmas magic.” Even after moving 600 miles away from home we’d fly back year after year to celebrate with family. Before heading out to the airport, my son would leave cookies and milk for Santa and we would set the train on its track under the tree, positioned coming toward the station. Before returning home I’d enlist friends to empty Santa’s plate and cup and reposition the train so it was leaving the station. Yeah, it was a lot of work!😓

My son and I laugh about my Christmas trickery often and till this day he smiles about it and knows a lot of love went into creating the magic.

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MMA Storytime’s Word of the Day (Santa Claus); Three Things Challenge/3TC (entire, out, save); Your Daily Word Prompt (celebrate); Word of the Day (jubilation)

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Reason for the Season

Image created in the YouVersion Bible app

Warm wishes to my blogger community and their families this holiday season and throughout the New Year! I give thanks to God for all of His beautiful…

Reason for the Season

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Fandango’s Flashback Friday: originally posted December 25, 2018

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Merry Christmas 2020 – gifts

Michael at Mindlovemisery’s Menagerie posed the following challenge: This week, because it is Christmas Eve, write about a gift you received or gave, or about being gifted in some way.

When I was a little girl I somehow became obsessed with the Betty Boop character. It all started with a nightshirt my mother gave me that I wore until all print faded. For many years after, my collection steadily grew to include a range of items from T-shirts and socks to a custom license plate, all gifted me either for Christmas or my birthday. One year my best friend gave me a porcelain cookie jar in the shape of Betty Boop on a motorcycle, and her husband added to my figurine collection with a few gems he found in New York City. Soon, their oldest daughter joined in with some lovely surprises of her own, including a Betty Boop salt-n-pepper shaker and Tervis drinking cup.

Instagram @mani.cartoonz

Well, today I received this beautiful Christmas gift from my son – two canvas paintings he commissioned from my best friend’s granddaughter, now the third generation to support my obsession. I’ve admired this young lady’s talents since she was a toddler and I am proud to be the new owner of a set of mani.cartoonz originals.

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