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Goddess of Success

Maia knew she’d need to shuffle a few things around to join her virtual office holiday party. As a longtime telecommuter, Maia didn’t spend a lot of time in the presence of her co-workers. She gave thought to not attending but couldn’t bring herself to decline the invitation, especially knowing several colleagues weren’t returning next year. Ending this turbulent year with a job is a privilege Maia was raised to not take for granted.

Maia had a better time than she could have imagined. Her years with the company were celebrated and she received a promotion and raise, in recognition of her many contributions during this difficult year. Their kind words were beautiful and made Maia feel like a goddess. She was so excited she wanted to run outside and tell the world but the torrential rain made her settle for simply calling her mom and dad with the good news.

©️2020 CSNelson, Don’t Forget the Half

Inspired by: RDP (shuffle); MMA Storytime’s Word of the Day (telecommute); Three Things Challenge/3TC (bring, gave, contribution); WOTD (ending); FOWC (goddess); Daily Spur (rain)


You know, writing about myself has always been a challenge. It's not that I'm unsure of who I am but rather I like people to discover me on their own. I will tell you this much - I'M REAL! I guess that's all you need to know for a first approach; stick around and you'll understand the power behind that statement. What I do is another story! I embrace life hoping to live my purpose as a mother, daughter, sister, confidante and friend; I laugh, cry, and support; I admire, like and love; I listen, read and write. Most importantly, I have faith and thank God for all of me. My intent is to inspire others using my gifts and "Don't Forget the Half" reminds me to cast nothing aside. Want to know more? Discover along with me as I live my life out loud.

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