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50 New Experiences

With the help of family and several friends, I enjoyed so many wonderful adventures last year, in search of “50 new experiences” to explore during my year long birthday celebration. I visited places I’d never been, ate a few foods I’d never tasted and overcame a few fears of activities I’d normally run from. By years end, I accumulated roughly 70 new experiences, including a very unexpected one – cruising during Hurricane Dorian! I realize now there’s no wonder why I drank so much. Well, another reason is that I visited several vineyards and wineries (but sorry, no wassail)

First was the Biltmore Estate Winery in Asheville, NC. The wine tasting was great and served its purpose because I purchased three bottles.

Next was the tasting room at Brown Downtown Napa, part of Brown Estate Vineyards, the first and only Black-owned estate in Napa Valley, California. Yep, the wine tasting got me again!

The next stop on our Napa Valley tour was Raymond Vineyards, which is certified organic and biodynamic, and powered solely by renewable solar energy. I was oddly impressed when we stepped into the Crystal Cellar, a place of steel walls and elegant whimsicality.

Our final exploration in Cali was aboard the Napa Valley Wine Train, where we ate, drank and enjoyed the sights.

I would be remiss if I didn’t at least show you a sample of the delectable food we ate. Any one of my family and friends can attest to my voracious appetite, so most of this may have been mine.

And who could say “no” to the most exciting dessert ever?!?!!!

Morimoto Napa– s’more

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Created for: FWOC (voracious); RDP (wine); 3TC#437 (help, run, step); Daily Word Prompt (whimsy); Word of the Day (wassail)


You know, writing about myself has always been a challenge. It's not that I'm unsure of who I am but rather I like people to discover me on their own. I will tell you this much - I'M REAL! I guess that's all you need to know for a first approach; stick around and you'll understand the power behind that statement. What I do is another story! I embrace life hoping to live my purpose as a mother, daughter, sister, confidante and friend; I laugh, cry, and support; I admire, like and love; I listen, read and write. Most importantly, I have faith and thank God for all of me. My intent is to inspire others using my gifts and "Don't Forget the Half" reminds me to cast nothing aside. Want to know more? Discover along with me as I live my life out loud.

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