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Prolific Source of Hope

2020 US Presidential Election

Envelopes opened, ballots cast

We mobilized to vote in change

Can we count on a smooth exchange?

From a man who leaves us aghast

To leadership in stark contrast

VP elect the first female

Diverse communities exhale

“We the People” have a new voice

America divulged its choice

From this point on, may love prevail

©️2020 CSNelson, Don’t Forget the Half

Inspired by: Daily Word Prompt (divulge); Word of the Day/WOTD (count); Ragtag Daily Prompt/RDP (diversity); Décima Poetry Challenge (exhale); FOWC (prolific)


You know, writing about myself has always been a challenge. It's not that I'm unsure of who I am, but rather that I like people to discover me on their own. I will tell you this much - I'M REAL! I guess that's all you need to know for your first approach. From that point you'll understand the power behind such a statement. If you're interested in what I do, that's another story. I embrace life to live my purpose: I mother, I friend; I laugh, I cry, I support; I love, I like, I admire. Mainly I trust and have faith, and thank God for every day I am able to use my life experiences to help people through theirs. Want to know more? Discover along with me as I live my life out loud.

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