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Self-prescribed Healing

Waking up to this beauty right on the other side of my window……LIFE!!!

Yesterday I had an opportunity to just be still.  It’s one that rolls around a few times and not as often as I’d like, so I took full advantage.

All too often we get caught up in the hustle and bustle of life; the chaos that’s become dangerously normal. Sometimes it pays to simply sit back, unwind, and appreciate our surroundings. Oh did it payoff big time for me!


This is the grand view on the other side of my window. Although it takes just a few steps onto my balcony for me to be surrounded by another of God’s beautiful creations, apparently I’ve never given it a second glance before. Well, maybe a hot cup of tea, the vibrant autumn colors, and watching the leaves float pass as they fell from the trees is just what doctors should order because it certainly led me into a Saturday of peace and solitude.


©2017 CSNelson, dontforgetthehalf


You know, writing about myself has always been a challenge. It's not that I'm unsure of who I am, but rather that I like people to discover me on their own. I will tell you this much - I'M REAL! I guess that's all you need to know for your first approach. From that point you'll understand the power behind such a statement. If you're interested in what I do, that's another story. I embrace life to live my purpose: I mother, I friend; I laugh, I cry, I support; I love, I like, I admire. Mainly I trust and have faith, and thank God for every day I am able to use my life experiences to help people through theirs. Want to know more? Discover along with me as I live my life out loud.

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